Do you want more money in your life?

Discover how just a few minutes a day can transform your relationship with money forever. 

Do you dream of having the financial freedom to spend whatever you want, whenever you want? 

Do you wish that money was plentiful and that you were free to pursue your dreams?

Do you avoid checking your bank accounts from fear or discomfort?

Many women have been exactly where you are now and have gone on to successfully transform their money mindset, paving the way for a new, positive, relationship with money.  

Do you find yourself?
🎯Dreaming of financial freedom to live life on your terms?
🎯Worrying that you will need to work harder for financial security?
🎯Feeling trapped by money worries and yearning to break free?
🎯Longing for the freedom to travel whenever you desire?
🎯Concerned about job loss and its impact on your financial stability?
🎯Experiencing exhaustion from money-related stress?

We understand the struggle and how we long for a life without money worries.
Let us guide you towards a mindset shift that opens doors to abundance and peace of mind.

Our subconscious mind hoards our money stories which impacts how we think about money daily:

 Stories like:
⛔️Money doesn't grow on trees.
⛔️You have to work hard for your money.
⛔Rich people are greedy and unkind.
⛔️Family members fighting over money so you associate money with conflict.
⛔️Conflict around having money if our family doesn't have money - will we become an outcast?

We subconsciously store these stories in our experiences and they can block our access to the flow of money.  Some stories are so old and deep that we don't remember them consciously.

That's where our gentle, easy, step by step program, helps you unlock your stories and frees you to start new, positive money stories, which attracts more money into your life.

Clear out the old limiting beliefs and rewrite your new positive story around the flow of money and abundance.

If you want to change your 'money mindset' then starting this course is the first step.

Using our years of working with money and the energetic principles of attracting money we know how to guide you towards an abundance of money.

Most people have never been shown how to step into the flow of money.

We rarely talk about how to attract money or manage our money with our family and friends.  It's not something we are taught at school or work.  We are left to figure it all out for ourselves.  

We have been there ourselves, we know all about the money highs and lows.

So if you are ready to finally kiss those money worries goodbye - then this is the course you have been looking for.

Over 21 days we will take you through our 3 simple steps to help you uncover your money stories that drive your mindset and rewrite those stories.  Some of these stories come from early childhood and have likely shaped your relationship with money ever since.

We use a combination of movement, journaling and meditation to safely and peacefully uncover all the stories that are driving your money flow.  

We effortlessly recode all those stories and set you up for a new way of living with money. You can easily step into a beautiful flow of money, leaving the hustle & worry behind.

What would you do with an Abundance of Money? 

✨Book a holiday
✨Take a well earned break
✨Treat your family and friends
✨Start a savings account
✨Buy an investment property
✨Buy the car of your dreams
Donate to your favourite charity
✨Start a new business
✨Invest in your hobby
✨Have the financial freedom to live life your way

We would love to help you reset your money mindset so money starts flowing. It's all there waiting for you to call it in.✨✨

"You can continue living in the past, beating yourself up about the money mistakes you made when you were younger, telling yourself you've left it too late... or you can rise up and make yourself proud"  
~ Scott Pape

You can reset your money mind and start living your dreams.....

As finance professionals we see how people who have a positive mindset towards money succeed in life and in business.

People with a positive mindset use money as an asset so they can create financial freedom and success.

If you change your relationship with money you can easily set yourselves up for financial freedom and success too.

This course will teach you:

How money flows energetically, we teach you to understand this principle so you will understand the nature of money & how to harness that flow.

How to move from stress to flow. The first step to calling in your money is releasing your current focus and stress.

The importance of movement in releasing stuck old stories that are no longer working for you. It's also a fun, safe and easy way to learn about money.

After this course:

You won't need to stress about the flow of money as you will understand how it flows and what you need to do to stay in the flow.

You will have the freedom to choose what to do with your money.

You will have learnt powerful principles that will not only help you with your money flow but will also impact your life in other positive ways.

Just setting the intention to start a better relationship with money will call the universe to start taking action.

This course is a powerful expression of what you are calling into your life.

Get ready to set your intention and reset the stories & beliefs around money that are holding you back from your true life.

It's time to reset your money flow. Don't wait another day, it's your time now.

Change your story today!

Set your intention to reset your money mindset and let the magic happen...

Using our simple 3 step process you will effortlessly shift from that 'lacking' feeling to one of abundance:

Step 1 (day 1 - 7): Break down the money barriers. If you want to make a change you need to open up to the possibilities. In this step we start the process of movement, journaling and learning how the flow of energy and money works.

Step 2 (day 7- 14) : Clear out the money limiting stories. Discover through mediation and our other techniques, what money stories are holding you back and how to clear them out for good. It's time to get crystal clear about what you are calling in.

Step 3 (day 14- 21) : Get open to receive. This is the fun part where you get to step into the life you have always dreamed about. Continuing with the movement, mediation and journaling process, you will set your intentions to get your money flowing. You will receive your unique abundance code in this step, to access your money vault.

Changing your money mindset starts the minute you set the intention to change.

When you take inspired action to start the change, real magic starts happening.

Here's what's included:

  • 21 days of daily online content to take you step by step through our process so you can 'call in' the money.
  • Journal templates to use during your 21 day reset.
  • 3 powerful pre-recorded guided meditations to help you change your money stories and start your money flowing.
  • Your own unique abundance code to tap into your money vault.
  • A deep dive into your mindset to give you the confidence and clarity to connect to the energy of your money
  • The confidence to start your dream life with an abundant money mindset.  
  • All the secrets we have learnt in our +25 years journey with money. 
  • BONUS - a free 15 minute intuitive reading with Sandy highlighting your greatest gifts and shining a light on how you can tap into your money abundance.

Abundant Money Mindset

Reset your Money Mind and step into Abundance

Start today...

You were born to live an abundant life....

Imagine you are fully connected to your money and are enjoying seeing it flow - guilt free!

Imagine you are calling in your money with ease and harmony -  you feel powerful, calm and balanced.
Imagine you could create your fully aligned abundant life.

Imagine you can start doing life your way - no more hustle just calm, clear energy. Get ready to receive!

Imagine leaping out of bed each morning, excited to be living your dream life.

About us....

Hello lovely to meet you, we are Ash and Sandy.

Our step by step courses weave the practicals & energetics of business & life in an easy to understand way.

We love talking about money and how we can learn to live an abundant life.
We want you to feel safe to learn and explore our content which is why we talk all things in a simple, respectful and approachable manner.

We offer a unique perspective as we combine our accounting and business experience with our energetic and intuition studies. This allows us to help you to become confident and find your flow.

We want YOU to thrive and can't wait to share our passion & knowledge with you.


"The Abundant Money Mindset program has truly been a revelation. It is a gentle, respectful process, and has helped me understand the past and to stop overthinking and blaming myself for where I am at, or will be. I am, for the very first time in my life, excited about my financial future and no longer feel like it has to happen to me – instead, I am stepping up to create my abundant financial future, and embracing all the opportunities that come my way" -Lee

 "I am amazed at how quickly I could release my old money worries and step into a new way of talking about money.  I love money now and feel like a money magnet."  - Tara

"I love how just talking about money with you and doing the work brings so much clarity.  Getting clear on what I want and changing the way I think about money has made so much difference to the amount of money in my life.  Thank you so much, I feel lighter and more energised now." - Catherine

Frequently Asked Questions

This 'Abundant Money Mindset' course is for you if you are ready to change your money mindset to one of abundance.  It's takes 21 days where we will guide you step by step through the changes you need to make to reset your money mind. You might be wanting to take control of your money through the reset process or you might have big plans to start living your dream life. Either way this money mindset course is for you.

Once you sign up we will send you the link to the 'Abundant Money Mindset' course and templates as well as the link to the weekly live group Q&A with Sandy.

We will also be in touch in the first week to schedule in the the bonus of a 15 minute 1 to 1 call with Sandy,  

We want you to be totally satisfied with this course but if for some reason you are not completely happy we will refund your money within 30 days of your start date.

We are 100% committed to working with you so you can get the best out of this course.

We have purposely made this course affordable, as we want to support as many women as we can. However nothing makes us happier than seeing you out there thriving and reaching your goals so if you require a payment plan you do have the option of 2 payments of $150 - just make your payment choice at the checkout.

If this is you, then you are in the perfect place.  This course designed to step you through the reset process in a fun, easy & understandable way.  There are no silly questions here and we are totally here to support you every step of the way.

Great - we love questions - simply email us at hello@abundantbusinesstraining.com

Take the first step today to start receiving more money..

What's included:

🌟 21 days of guided daily online content to reset your money beliefs (do it in your own time);

🌟 Journal templates to assist you to track your progress;

🌟 Your own unique abundance code to tap into your money vault;

🌟 3 x Abundant Money Mindset Meditations;

💥Bonus 15 minute intuitive Money Mindset reading with Sandy - find out what is holding you back

(Feedback from one client - ! Your money readings were so spot on! I still can't believe the talent you have in reading people - astonishing!)



$297 one time payment or 2 easy payments of $150 

  • Access to pre-recorded content to complete in your own time.
  • Access to the 21 day Abundant Money Mindset course & journal templates.
  • Access to the bonus offer.