Budget Like a Pro

Masterclass on how to budget for your business

Course Summary

In this course we provide a step by step guide to help you set up a budget for your business.  

This course includes:

     *  A video to guide you through the budgeting process;
     * An easy to use Excel Budget template;
     * A summary pdf presentation.

Budgeting is a great tool for business:

     * It helps clarify targets and goals;
     * It allows you to see the facts of your business instead of guessing;
     * It gives you a chance to see the possibilities of what you can achieve;
     * It helps maintain focus on the most important things in your business;
     * It allows you to monitor how you are tracking compared to your forecasts.

Now is the perfect time to start budgeting and get clear on your business goals.

Join us for our Budgeting Masterclass where we get you budgeting like a pro. - it really doesn't have to be boring!!

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Respair Massage

This course was just what I needed. Sandy  shared her purpose built spreadsheet and walked me through each line!  I now have a working document that I actually like to use. It’s given me a snapshot of my business and helps me direct my energies in the areas that help me financially.  Thanks so much Sandy.  

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