Are you ready to
'Ignite Your Intuition'?

Join us and reconnect to your intuition and start living your life in flow & harmony

Are you ready to reconnect to your intuition?

Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams?
Do you want to leap out of bed every morning feeling revitalised and excited for your new life?

Are you ready to start living your life aligned to your soul?  

Get ready to go from "analysis paralysis" to decision making with ease.

Are you ready to connect to your creative spirit?

Are you ready to realign to your intuition and start living your life in flow?

Do you want more out of life and you are ready to make that happen!

What if you could...

Start using your natural gifts to follow your true purpose?

Learn how your intuition communicates with you?

Allow your life to flow in harmony?


'Ignite Your Intuition'

There has never been a better time to reconnect to your intuition.
Go from living in the day to day hustle to living your life with ease and flow.
Life doesn't have to be hard work. It can be a beautiful dance where you feel energetic and excited to be following your dreams!
Your intuition has always been there you just need to learn how it communicates with you.

Here's what you'll recieve:

  • A step by step self-paced program to have you reconnecting  to your intuition.
  • 6 easy to follow modules full of practical information.
  • Clear and easy to follow guidelines with useful information, practical videos and support.
  • A deep dive into your mindset to give you the confidence and clarity to listen to your intuition.
  • 6 modules where we share our years of experience with you, so you can get your beautiful life realigned to your intuition.
  • Beautiful soul-led meditations to open the connection to your intuition.
  • A FREE 15 minute reading highlighting your greatest gifts and shining a light on your true essence.

Inside This Course

Introduction to Intuition & Energy

✨Let's talk Intuition & Energy.
✨Set our Intention.
✨Let's meet our ego/rational mind.
✨Heart Coherence meditation to stay grounded 

Types of Intuition

✨Different types of Intuition.
✨Activate your intuition - part 1
✨Activate your intuition - part 2

Connecting to our intuition through our senses - Tasting & Smelling

✨Overview of connection to Taste & Smell
✨Taste Activation Meditation
✨Smell Activation Meditation
✨Benefits & Recap

Connecting to our intuition through to our senses - Seeing & Hearing

✨Overview of connection to Seeing & Hearing ✨Seeing Activation Meditation
✨Hearing Activation Meditation
✨Benefits & Recap

Connecting to our intuition through to our senses - Knowing & Feeling

✨Overview of connection to Knowing & Feeling
✨Knowing Activation Meditation
✨Feeling Activation Meditation
✨Benefits & Recap

Let's Make Magic

✨Tuning into your intuition daily in business & life
✨The power of intention, focus & imagination
✨Exercises & extra practices

get started today

It's time to reconnect to your intuition and start living your dream life!

Imagine you have access to a step-by-step guide to easily reconnect to your intuition.

Imagine you are living your life with ease and harmony -  you feel powerful, calm and ready to live your life fully.
Imagine in as little as 1 hour a week you could create your fully aligned life.

Imagine you can easily tap into your inner guidance, knowing that your intuition will always guide you on the right path.

Imagine leaping out of bed each morning, excited to be living your dream.

Get started today.  NOW is the perfect time for you to start shining!!!!

This course is absolutely for you if...

  • You have been dreaming of living your life in alignment with your soul.
  • You know in your heart that you are ready to start living a different life, a life of flow and ease.
  • You are ready to kick the fear and the negative talk and start shining your light. You are ready to trust your own intuition.
  • You want a real life practical training program with a sprinkling of magic and energetics.
  • You want to develop a beautiful balanced life where your business and life are weaving your dream into existence.
  • You want the freedom and flexibility to start thriving rather than surviving.
  • You have given years of your life to make sure others are cared for and nurtured and now it's your turn.
  • You want to live each day with renewed energy and enthusiasm! You know living is so much easier when you are passionate about what you do.

You may want to keep looking if...

  • You just aren't ready to commit to taking that step to start living your dream life.
  • You're not ready to face your fears and restricting stories that are holding you back from thriving.
  • You think that changing is too much hard work and people like you never succeed anyway.
  • You don't want to commit any time or money to making your dream come true. 
  • You believe that intuition is for special people and you aren't sure you can access it.
  • You are scared to be seen as being different.
  • You are afraid what your family and friends will think of you.
  • You are more afraid of failing than you are of thriving.
  • You don't want to learn new skills.
  • You want to stay stuck, tired & uninspired.

About us....

Abundant Business Training is a soul led business run by us - Ash & Sandy.

A lot of our courses weave the practicals & energetics of life.  We do a lot of courses for business but we loved this course so much we wanted to make it available to everyone.

Because intuition is available to everyone and we use it everyday in our lives and in our businesses.

Our courses are a safe place to learn.    

We are passionate about talking all things intuition simply, respectfully and being approachable with our training.    

We weave the practicals with the magic of energetics, into our trainings.

 We are passionate about helping you thrive.  

We love weaving energetic wisdom and practical knowledge to support you to reach your full potential.

Are you ready to join 'Ignite Your Intuition'?

- Follow your heart and start doing what your soul is calling you to do.

- Take inspired action towards your dream.

- Shine your lightdon't worry about what others think - its your dream, embrace it!

- Be brave, there is never a perfect time to start -  trust your intuition and begin your journey.

- You want to share your magic with others and make a difference. There will never be another
    you or a better time.

- Don't miss out on this opportunity to re-energise your life .

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for you if you are ready to start connecting to your intuition but don't really know where to start.  We will guide you step by step through all the stages of connecting to your intuition and support you to start thriving.

Once you sign up you will have immediate access to the course to complete in your own time.

We recommend that you take your time and enjoy each module.

All module contents are listed above.

We want you to be totally satisfied with this course but if for some reason you are not completely happy we will refund your money.

We are 100% committed to working with you so you can get the best out of this course.

Yes, we offer a 3 month payment plan.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you out there thriving & reaching your goals.

If this is you, then you are in the perfect place.  This course is designed to step you through igniting your intuition in an easy, understandable way.  There are no silly questions here and we are totally here to support you every step of the way.

Great - we love questions - simply email us at hello@abundantbusinesstraining.com

What Clients Are Saying

Not sure if we are right for you, see what our client's are saying about us....

 That was just terrific – thank you!
ABT made it all seem effortless and the time it took to create was minimal.  For someone like me, who struggles with all things business, this is a MUST HAVE!!! Do the course now.  You won’t regret it.

Bloom Resumes

I came across Abundant Business Training on Facebook.  Their course was just what I needed. I felt so comfortable and was able to ask all the silly questions I had not been able to have answered previously.  The course gave me an inciteful snapshot of my business so i knew where to direct my energies.
Thanks so much!

Respair - for self care

Working with ABT has been a breath of fresh air in my business and in my life!!  Before I started working with them I literally hated numbers. Their warm approach and deep knowledge coupled with the wish to make business more approachable and see money from a new perspective was a win win win for me!!!  If you want to revolutionise your relationship with money, accounting and wealth creation I can't recommend ABT  highly enough.

IPIK Project

Are you ready to connect to your intuition?

6 easy to follow modules (Value $2.000)
Intuitive reading (Value $350)
Soul-led Meditations (Value $500)

TOTAL VALUE   $2,850

$111 per month

One-time payment

  • Access to courses
  • Full support
  • Community

Payment Plan


Three installments

  • Access to courses 
  • Full support
  • Community

Are you ready to ignite your intuition?


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Ignite your Intuition

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Ignite your Intuition

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