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  Rediscover your business passion and make this your 
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It all begins with a powerful strategy and actionable steps.

Welcome to the Soul-Fire Strategy Sessions: Ignite Your Business Brilliance!

Are you feeling disconnected from your business?

Are you stuck not sure where to go from here?

Have you been putting in the effort and now you feel like something has to change?

You know you were meant for more, you have so much to give and you just aren't getting the traction in your business you hoped?

Is your business sucking up your cash and not delivering any returns?

Are you tired of seeing others thrive and wondering what you are doing wrong?

Our exclusive 1:1 Soul-Fire Strategy Sessions are crafted to explore your current business reality and reconnect you to your business dreams, vision and bring you success.

Uncover your unique path to business success. Our session will help you connect to your business and start seeing the success you have dreamed about.

Rediscover your enthusiasm and creativity as you dive into the heart of what sets your business world on fire. Together, we'll find how to create a life rich with fulfillment and success.

Drawing upon our extensive business expertise, we'll craft a blueprint for your success. You'll leave with a comprehensive plan, actionable steps, and a clear vision, ready to thrive

Why you need a Soul-Fire
Strategy Session

🌟 Get Clear on your Direction:  Get clarity on your business goals and objectives.
🌟 Strategic Goal Setting:  Set strategic and actionable goals for your business.

🌟 Plan for Success:  Set up a comprehensive plan for success.

🌟 Financial Flow:  Walk away with a clear financial forecast for your business flow of money.

🌟 Strategic Collaborations:  Leverage the session to identify potential collaborations and partnerships.  

🌟 Empowerment and Motivation:  Feel empowered and motivated to tackle the year ahead.

🌟 Expert Guidance  Be guided by a business expert with over 25 years experience in growing sustainable businesses.

What does a Soul-Fire Strategy Session look like:

  • We look at your current business status, aligning it with your desires for the year. 
  • We explore strategies to achieve your goals, breaking down ideas into actionable steps. 
  • Together, we construct a comprehensive business plan for the coming quarter, months, and weeks. 
  • We develop a financial forecast, ensuring you're well-prepared to hit the ground running. 
  • We look at your business mindset, empowering you to leave old outdated beliefs behind as you move towards success.
  • We get you motivated and ready to thrive in your business.
  • You will need to set aside 90 minutes to attend the session.
This is not your average coaching session.

You will be guided to connect with your business dreams, and leave equipped with tangible plans and actionable steps to make those dreams come true.

It's time to start thriving in your business.

Who will guide you through your Soul-Fire Session?

Hi - I'm Sandy

I have spent the last couple of decades in the business world, both as a Business Consultant and a CFO, immersed in both business & financial systems, working with some pretty amazing companies.

Beyond the balance sheets, I've delved into the world of intuition & mindset, which is a powerful tool for businesses to really start thriving.

My passion is infusing my business know-how with a deep understanding of mindset. It's this unique fusion of practical knowledge and energetic wisdom that I offer in these Soul-Fire Sessions and my 1:1 Coaching.

Together, we can set your business on fire with passion & purpose. I can't wait to get started.  

What Clients Are Saying

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 That was just terrific – thank you!


It’s given me a snapshot of my business and helps me direct my energies.
Thanks so much!

Respair - for self care

Working with ABT has been a breath of fresh air in my business and in my life!!  If you want to revolutionise your relationship with money, accounting and wealth creation I can't recommend ABT highly enough.

Em - IPIK Project

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    Supercharge your business with our personalised strategy session tailored to your unique business. Get ready for a year of success

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  • Soul-fire Strategy 1:1 Sessions

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    Supercharge your business with our personalised strategy session tailored to your unique business. Get ready for a year of success

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